©Emilie Simonneau


In the forest of Epagne

Walk between Sauviat sur Vige, Saint Martin Sainte Catherine and Montboucher.

When the warm weather returns, we like to take a family walk in the Epagne Forest. The interpretation circuit allows children to discover the local fauna and flora.

In spring, the forest is covered with a carpet of wild garlic. This plant with its pretty white flowers perfumes the place with its characteristic smell.

When it starts to get hot, the coolness of the undergrowth and the water is so pleasant. First you hear the sound of the water in the distance. The kids are excited, they love to see the Vige pass through the rocky chaos. When we arrive at the river, the noise is more intense and we understand at once why mills were installed there.

We cross the bridge of the Terrade and we arrive in Creuse! Picnic break to take again forces before leaving again, because to return, that climbs!


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