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In Sardent

A secret place full of mysteries

It’s a mysterious place, from which special vibes emanate. Here, you can feel that things have happened and it tickles my imagination.

I like the stories of saints, you could almost make them contemporary stories. They are super heroes who have powers and manage to get away with it, always!

Men have often explained what they didn’t understand by using them, that’s the case here. Several people have followed one another, with no connection whatsoever, each writing a page in this fantastic history book.

Saint Martial causes large stones to appear. Saint Pardoux, blind, cures eye diseases by using water. A Russian nun settles on this abandoned place to live as a hermit (early 1900) and a neighboring villager appropriates the place and decorates it… in his own way.


Where to go?


Hosts the area during the vacations and whenever possible. She is a guide and is passionate about art and heritage: churches, legends, cemeteries, rural buildings… She loves people, meeting them, talking to them and building relationships with them. All these encounters, over the years, nourish her and bring her much happiness.