©Alice Dehureaux


In Thauron

Relaxation stop in the Thaurion gorges

A magical place, which gives the impression of being on vacation 10 minutes from home.

The return of the sun this Sunday led us to take our plaids, our cooler, our binoculars to go have a good time on the banks of the Thaurion.

A picnic with the river as the soundtrack, visits from a thrush, a wren, a finch and the song of chickadees…

After lunch, a plaid with some reading while the kids climbed the rocks and tried their hand at putting their feet in the water that was still a bit cool in this early spring.

Pieces of wood and branches and here we are 1 hour later our water mill was turning with the current.

A walk on the interpretation trail allows us to better grasp the beauty of this place, its landscapes and its so particular atmosphere.

A simple afternoon but so exotic!

I also like to recharge my batteries alone sitting on a rock meditating to the sound of the water.

It’s a soothing place, filled with energy where it’s good to be with your loved ones or with yourself.


Where to go?


Doesn’t like to be called a director, and yet that’s really her day-to-day job at the Creuse Sud-Ouest tourist office. She prefers to be pictured as an orchestra conductor, a flat here, a sharp there, tuning the notes and instruments for a beautiful group harmony. When she’s not conducting the tourist office orchestra she puts on her sneakers to walk in nature where she gets her energy and resources.