In Bourganeuf

One evening in June, I arrive in Bourganeuf for my last Zumba session of the “season”. It is 7:50 pm, it is still 24 °, we are between chicks and we meet on the parking lot of the school Martin Nadaud, at the foot of the work “the Secular Requiem” (to discover in the leaflet of the visit of the city of Bourganeuf).

We are all in sportswear, the lined shorts and fluorescent leggings add even more color to this summer evening. Bottle of water in hand, I’m chatting with the girlfriends when our young gym teacher, Jeanne, arrives in the parking lot. She opens the trunk and reveals a large quantity of hiking poles to us!

Surprise! The last session will be outside (phew, considering the heat, the room must be stifling!), a Nordic walking session is proposed to us. We all accept; in Creuse, a good walk pleases the majority of the inhabitants, and at any age! It would be enough to participate in “L’enjambée Creusoise” to understand that it is a passion in the area.

In the queue, here we go for the 5.5km loop “Les Gorges du Verger”. The chatter is incessant, the setting is beautiful, we all take turns to tell Jeanne about our pleasure to spend this time together before the July/August break, and tell her what we have concocted as plans, often in pairs, to stay in shape this summer.

The walk is easy, the sticks click on all sides. But the noise will not disturb anybody, we will only cross Sophie and her son Clotaire that evening, passing by their garden at the arrival of the summit of the only hill of the walk, and we celebrate the ascent with them by still a little chat, we love it!

And this is not my only moment spent in the Gorges du Verger, if we cross paths at the Office one day, I will tell you the picnics between colleagues around a birthday cake Creusois, or the story I was told of these remains of walls that can be found in the water, they are located just after the cliff marked for climbing like…


Where to go?


She is at the Bourganeuf office reception most of the time. She knows her territory very well and will gladly deliver a host of tips for young and old that will make your stay more than perfect. Lively, cheerful and smiling, she loves nature and animals (especially guinea pigs, yes, yes!).