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Portrait of Creuse
Portrait of Creuse

The way of the cross of Claude Royère

Passionate about small heritage

Claude Royère is an enthusiast who never does things by halves! His primary passion is hiking. In fact, he is at the origin of the Burgundian association “Lou Chami”. For years, as a guide, he has accompanied groups on the paths. To discover the landscapes, the flora, the vernacular heritage has always been part of his life.

If hiking is quite naturally associated with nature, it is also associated with this heritage wrongly called “small”. Claude has encountered many of these elements during his wanderings! From there to be interested in it, to inventory it, to know its history, there is only one step (of walker) that he crossed cheerfully.

Here then is The ideal guide for a trip to Southwest Creuse, discovering a selection of crosses that should not be missed


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    The Crosses! It is on this very precise theme that he occupies his free time.
    He looks for them, observes them, photographs them and even writes the history of each of them.
    He shares his finds on his website "Croix en Creuse".

    He is passionate about
    • Hiking
    • Of small heritage
    • Sharing

    This cross is located in a place full of charm. A place that seems frozen for several centuries, a small cemetery coiled against its chapel, in the countryside. If the association was usual until the 19th century, these “couples” meet less and less often. So it is there, in the silence of Little Mazuras, against the wall that encloses the space of the dead that rises a beautiful two-sided cross, also visible from the world of the living.

    It is made of granite, like the vast majority of crosses in Creuse. On one side, a virgin and child looks down on the graves and the village below. On the other side, a Christ on the cross embraces the surrounding fields and invites you to take the path that leads to the beautiful chaos of the Roches de Mazuras.


    Another very worked bifacial cross, is enthroned on the square of the church of Soubrebost. Still made of granite, it has unfortunately not been spared by time. Its last restoration dates back to fifty years already. Its presence is reinforced by that of a magnificent Virgin and Child, partly enamelled, preciously preserved in the church.

    I give you one last one to complete the series. It is located in the village of La Chapelle on the commune of Saint-Michel-de-Veisse. The place is beautiful and rich in legends. It is one of them that explains the construction of the gothic chapel with its remarkable stained glass window. At the other end of the hamlet, one of these crosses stands very high. Extremely elaborate, it perfectly completes the chapel – votive fountain ensemble. One could almost see a Breton calvary there!






    Access the Cross in Creuse website https://www.croixencreuse.com/