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A look at nature



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  • In praise of the ditches

    How beautiful the Creuse is in spring. Nature awakens, reveals itself and unveils its palette of colors. The greens are tender and delicate, sometimes tending towards yellow or orange. Pastel shades are enhanced by small brush strokes, a few dots of pink, a few traces of blue.

    It’s easy to fall in love with it! All you have to do is sit there, on the side of the road, your eyes immersed in the vegetal exuberance. A bright field of dandelions reflects its reflection in the sun. Very light white bubbles dance in the wind, sparingly sending a thousand vaporous parachutes into the air.

    But the most beautiful and colorful, the most surprising also for its diversity remains the roadside. Let’s forget the monochromatic black ribbon for a moment and focus on its margins. It is a small, lively, inhabited jungle that richly deserves our attention. A world often ignored lives there and even seems to be reborn since the tractor mowers allow it to develop.

    The palette is getting richer! Paint the orchids in purple, the buttercups in golden yellow, the veronicas in deep blue. A few white strokes trace the stellar. All that’s left to add are bees, flies, beetles, frogs, lizards and spiders, to be looked at very closely but, above all, without disturbing them.

    Here’s the fun of the day. A simple pleasure, free and accessible, a beautiful colorful and moving show offered by Dame Nature. To be consumed without moderation and in any season.