Getaway inMy first trip after...Creuse

Escapade at the Courbarien House


I think you are like me right now: I want to go away, change my daily life, get a change of scenery… But I also want so much to be taken care of… to feel safe, to rediscover real, healthy, well-anchored values. Sometimes, sunken in my armchair, I dream of the first trip I will make, after all this…

It may not really be a “trip”, but more of a weekend or short stay.

I’ll be going with my sweetheart. I really want the two of us to be in a different environment than our apartment that we’ve been cooped up in for so long…

When I think about it, I see Creuse. I think back to a stop we made on the road to vacation two or three years ago. I even remember the name of this village in the heart of the department: Saint-Georges-la-Pouge. It was chance that guided us to Patricia and Marc who had just opened a guest house, the Maison Courbarien. It has kept the name and the memory of those who built it. They thought big the Courbarien, the building is high, wide and deep and has a large garden in the back!

What can we say about the view?

That it is unobstructed! That it is open to the countryside ! That I could admire it for hours without getting tired.

The house being the last one in the village, the meadows and woods stretch as far as the eye can see, a countryside preserved and gardened by generations of men. It was here, on the terrace in front of the house, that the owners offered us refreshments. A glass in hand, eyes drowned in the greenery, two deer then quietly crossed this decor worthy of an impressionist painting…

At their place, we quickly felt a bit at home!

The lack of a restaurant in St Georges la Pouge allowed us to enjoy the friendly presence and culinary talents of our hosts. We were eager to chat, they offered us their attentive ears. On the table, local products were in the spotlight to the delight of our taste buds. The cheeses came from two nearby farms, the vegetables from the market, the meat was local too!

A pretty, cozy room was waiting for us

It was exactly what we needed! A big, cozy bed, simple and beautiful decor, easy to adopt and…. we embraced it!

It’s been so long since I’ve had any real sleeping in that I’m dreaming of putting my feet under the table and enjoying a gourmet breakfast! I’m still salivating when I think of those delicious berry jams, the well-stuffed clafoutis and the farmhouse yogurts, yum!”

We promised ourselves we would come back

This is our chance. Even if it is short, our next stay will take us to Creuse. It will allow us that change of scenery that provides the full energy! The eyes overflowing with a green preserved nature, the belly full of delicious dishes and products, the rest, the walks, the simple pleasures will be at the rendezvous.

Come on, I book at Patricia and Marc’s place !

Marc LaplancheMaison Courbarien22 rue du chateau23250SAINT-GEORGES-LA-POUGE05 55 67 20 8406 75 02 71 56