South West CreuseHike under the moon!

What if we tested the moonwalks together?

The Creuse Sud-Ouest Tourist Office has slipped into its summer animation program, two “moon hikes” quite seductive. And if we left together, walk at night on the trails to see differently the hike and our environment?

Published on 3 July 2021

The Creuse is particularly well suited to the practice of hiking. The paths are very present there, hollow and wooded, straight, winding, tracks or stony, there is something for everyone! The hiking clubs are also numerous and allow various practices for sporty hikers as well as for the smallest walkers.

But the night hike, have you tried it?

To fill this gap, we propose you to test together the “moon hikes” of the Creuse Sud-Ouest Tourist Office.

I hear that walking at night is really quite different than during the day. The senses are heightened. The smells, the sounds, the sensations of coolness, heat, dampness will be at their peak. I hope we won’t be scared by a passing badger or the cry of a deer on the edge of the woods! Fortunately, we will be walking in a group, which is rather reassuring! 🙂

The departure is at 9 pm, from the village square. It will still be daylight and the night will cover us little by little, as we walk. The nights could be clear, the full moon is never far from the chosen dates but sometimes the weather plays tricks and clouds (even rain!) come to completely obscure the countryside.

What’s really nice, too, I hear, is the meetings. Discussions are easily made. You can talk with your walking neighbor for several miles and only find out “physically” when you arrive. It’s a pretty funny idea!”

Come on, let’s sign up?

Super, don’t forget good shoes, a small lamp, a vest to deal with the nighttime chill and water. The loops are easily accessible, they are only 8 kilometers and at the arrival, a small “glass of walking friends” is offered by the municipality.


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