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Bourganeuf’s city

Bourganeuf is a beautiful medieval city dominated by the iconic Zizim tower. When you know that the city is labeled “Small City of Character”, you can easily imagine all this beautiful heritage to discover.


When Oriental history meets Western culture

From the commandery of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem founded in the 12th century was born the new town which quickly became Bourganeuf. The city owes part of its celebrity to the fact that it welcomed in 1486, a prestigious prisoner, the Ottoman sultan Djem, son of Muhammad II. Nicknamed Prince Zizim, he left his name to one of the towers, the emblematic patrimony element of the city!

Walking through the streets near the former commandery, magnificent 15th century houses are on display. To admire them, imagine them in their historical context, it requires a little effort: look up, try to understand, take into account the environment …

Braces on the door lintels, mullioned windows, niches for statues … so many elements which testify the importance of the city which was capital of the Auvergne language territory.

Walking through the ancient surroundings of the city and discovering a tower, allows you to grasp its dimension. St John Baptist Church is in the center but other chapels on the outskirts complete the history of the city, its beliefs and practices.


Men and a major country

Maison Martin Nadaud invites you to discover the life of the most famous mason in Creuse, then an exceptional politician to whom we particularly owe the laws work accidents and professional education. His family home has been transformed into a unique place where entertainment, light shows, photo films and sound effects offer an original and dynamic spectacle.

Also, simply stroll through the Wednesday morning market, a nice mix of regional products, local dialect and Turkish accents …

For your “nature” getaways, one of the most beautiful walks is that of the Gorges du Verger. From this first classified site in the Limousin in 1912 was born the Emile de Girardin romantic circuit. Among other places, this site was frequented by George Sand in the 19th century.



Voyage en Pays Sud Creusois - D'Ahun à Bourganeuf
Voyage en Pays Sud Creusois - D'Ahun à Bourganeuf
Voyage en Pays Sud Creusois - D'Ahun à Bourganeuf

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