Exhibition of old roofer

Exhibition of old roofer, carpenter and joiner tools, demonstration of woodturning and laser engraving on wood.

For a century, in these outbuildings, three generations of woodworkers have followed one another: carpenter roofer-zinc worker, carpenter, cabinetmaker and finally woodturner (amateur) since the 2000s. A photo album as well as the tools collected, exposed testify this passion for the work of noble material. This panoply, although incomplete, is organized into a small decorative and educational museum: name of the tool, it’s use and functioning. The aim is for this heritage to be discovered and to share it with all types of public.

Information :

Open by appointment in July-August, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Free donate.

Free car park : Colonel Coutisson street

Marie-Françoise Mastounin
12 rue du Colonel Coutisson
Phone : +33 6 26 91 24 52



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