The Embroided Barn

A barn to dive into the old-fashioned charm of needlework and finally discover that these activities are far from being as simple as you imagined!

A typical Creuse barn far from sheltering the traditional farming tools ! Transformed into a small private museum, it invites you to discover, thread by thread, the traditional embroidery and its essential accessories such as markers and embroidery necessities. Beautiful lace, headdresses and old linen complete this presentation.

All the exhibits have been carefully searched for, bargain-hunted, or given to the enthusiasts who set up this atypical place with the desire to share their knowledge!

Opening times

Open every day, by rendez-vous.


Per adult : 4€

Per child under 12 years old : 2€

Price reduction available with the Inter-site Passport.


Open every day, on rendez-vous



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