Naissance D'isaac Eglise De Sous Parsat©ot Creuse Thaurion GartempeNaissance D'isaac Eglise De Sous Parsat©ot Creuse Thaurion Gartempe
©Naissance D'isaac Eglise De Sous Parsat©ot Creuse Thaurion Gartempe

Church of Sous‑Parsat

The church is recent, built during the 19th century with the stones of the original roman edifice.

A simple granite church in the middle of the village. The door doesn’t give you the least clue as to what’s behind it, however it must be pushed!

This is it, the journey begins, embark in the artistic and colorful universe of Gabriel Chabrat! First, there is the color or rather the colors which are essentially primary … Then come the shapes, large, disproportionate, mixed. Finally the light comes from the stained glass windows, enlighting a face, a gesture, a pattern.

The artist Gabriel Chabrat interprets the Old and New Testaments on the walls but also invites us to reflect on certain subjects that affect us such as love, death, the exodus of populations 


Church open freely all year round, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

A guidebook written by the artist and illustrated with photographs of the frescoes is on sale (€ 5) in the Creuse Sud-Ouest tourist offices of Ahun and Bourganeuf. 

On reservation for groups of 10 people minimum, our guide will tell you the tales of the paintings and stained glass (tourist office reservation : 

To get to know Chabrat and his work better, his workshop in the village opens during the summer and all year round on appointment. From your sofa, you can also visit his gallery 

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