Eglise D'ahun©ot D'ahunEglise D'ahun©ot D'ahun
©Eglise D'ahun©ot D'ahun

Roman church of Moutier d’Ahun

On the outskirts of the ancient monastery of Ahun there is a very special atmosphere, and peaceful ambiance. Time seems to have forever frozen the buildings that tell the story of this emblematic site of the Creuse.


The Gothic porch is placed there, like a link between village activity and the solemnity of the church. A lacunar church, amputated from its nave during the wars of religion.

In a few steps, the choir is reached and delivers its treasure like a jewel: an exceptional set of baroque woodwork. Sculpted in 1673 by Simon Bouer, they are a model of Baroque art, a hymn to nature. Acanthus leaves, sunflowers, full vines, oaks, olive trees, almond trees provide shelter for a rich local or more unexpected fauna!

The mercies of the 26 stalls reveal faces and one can easily imagine to be the sculptors, monks or children of the village frozen here forever. More unusual, some well-hidden representations come directly from mythology.

Two Siamese lions form an unusual lectern, while the finely crafted gate adorned with a double Christ categorically separates the religious area of from that of the faithful.

The alleys go from the church all the way down to the Creuse river, spanned by a solid Romanesque bridge. From there, the village offers it’s best view, the abbey church and the village nestled in a green setting … It is the ideal place to take a last souvenir photo of this poetic site.

Guided tours of the village and the abbey on Tuesdays in July and August at 2.30 pm. with the Tourist Office. By reservation on or

Guided tours all year round for groups by reservation at the Tourist Office (or with audio guides in French and English, directly at the Abbey).

Office de tourisme Creuse Sud Ouest
Bureau d’information d’Ahun
12 Place Defumade
23150 Ahun

Coup de


Coup de Coeur Creuse : Martial Portail
Coup de Coeur Creuse : Martial Portail
Coup de Coeur Creuse : Martial Portail