La vallé de la Maulde
Site de la cascade des JarraudsPonts planches de Saint Martin Château
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Circuit of the Maulde valley

Coup de coeur rando

Close to the Jarrauds waterfall, the Maulde valley trail takes you through sunken lanes to discover the typical flora and fauna around the Maulde as well as the beautiful plank bridges made of cut granite planks.

3.5 km
Time : 1h30

Difficulty : Medium
Incline :+110m

Departure point : Car park of the Cascades des Jarrauds D51A2 (Saint Martin Château)


le guide

At the entrance to the Jarrauds waterfall car park, take the path that goes up.

Arriving on the road, turn left to go up the center.

Go along the church on the right, take the path to the right of the town hall which goes down then follow the road on the left.

Continue straight on the path that goes down then join the road to the right.

Then turn left. At the intersection, go straight ahead and walk alongside the Auberge de la Cascade on the road for 400m.

Fork onto the path that descends to the left, cross the Maulde on the plank bridge, then continue straight.

At the intersection, turn left and continue in the sunken lane for 800m.

Then fork to the left, cross the Maulde a second time on the plank bridge, then take the path that goes up to the right.

Arriving on the road, follow it to the right for 150m before arriving at the car park.



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