The Augerolles cascades
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The Augerolles cascades

Coup de coeur rando

Proche de la région du Compeix où l’on pratique encore aujourd’hui la taille du granit, principalement pour la construction et les monuments, les cascades d’Augerolles vous permettront de découvrir les ponts-planches, le moulin d’Augerolles, recemment restauré, ainsi que les Champs de Pierres : d’imposants chaos de boules et de blocs émoussés formés à l’ère glaciaire, qui façonnent le paysage boisé et jalonnent les cascades.

2 km
Time : 1h30

Difficulty : Medium
Incline : +106m

Departure point : The car park of the “Cascades d’Augerolles” D58 (Saint Pardoux Morterolles)



le guide

From the car park, take the path straight ahead in the direction of the stonemasonry workshop (southwest).

Then head downhill, dipping to the right.

At the sign “La Carrière”, turn right to access it. Then go back.

Turn right and take the plank bridge. Then go up to the right in the sunken lane. At the fork, turn right towards “le Moulin”. Further on, go down to the right at the sign “Le Chanvre”. Possibility to approach the old hemp mill or stay on the main path.

At the restored Augerolles mill, turn left uphill, following the markings. Continue straight on through deciduous woods. At the T-junction, go right. Cross the reach, continue straight on.

At the arrow sign marked with the viewpoint symbol, leave the path on the right and walk a few meters in the plot to enjoy the view of the valley. Take the path to the right, meander through the wood. Coming out of the fir wood (viewpoint over the village of Vedrenne), begin the descent through the winding bends of the beech grove. Below the undergrowth, cross another reach and head opposite towards the stream.

Take the wooden footbridge to cross. Cross the stream thanks to the duckboards. At the Charreaux mill (remains), climb to the right. At the T-intersection, turn right over the stream to overlook the waterfalls. At the fork turn right (viewpoint on the Cascades d’Augerolles).

Enter the pine wood, in the middle of the Stone Fields. At the intersection, go straight, regain the path by the side of the road. Take the stairs, continue to the right. Back above the starting quarry, turn left uphill, following the markings.



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