Medieval festival of CrozantAugust 11, 2022

Medieval of Crozant

August 11, 2022

The medieval festival mobilizes many volunteers each year to put on an exceptional event just a stone’s throw from the historic site of the Fortress of Crozant, in the heart of Crozant’s town. For about twenty years, the association of friends of medieval castle of Crozant (ACMC) indeed organizes a festive and cultural moment around parades, music, medieval scenes and in the presence of more than forty exhibitors, producers and local craftsmen.

A festive and chivalrous atmosphere

It is a travel out of time, in the land of troubadours, knights and castles, that the kingdom of Crozant offers to its villagers during this medieval festival. On the program of this festive day: traditional parades in costume, archery, dance performances, or a village of producers with medieval meal, camp …

A look back at past editions of the Medieval Festival…

Extract from La Montagne Creuse 09/08/2018

“The silver wolf company, a historical reenactment troupe from Touraine, highlighted these scenes of daily life from the period. Thus, Sir Arthur, Baron of Connoire, accompanied by his sergeant-at-arms Ange Barbe-de-gueule and his squire Fulcrad engaged in demonstrations of combat, under the eyes of the curious.

And for those who wished to dress up, a stand of handmade period clothing offered rental of outfits for the occasion. Myriam Laberthonnière, a small working hand, who busies herself every year making these high-end garments, was making sure her outfits looked good on these models. “Each dress has a first name. I don’t count my hours. I get inspired based on the fabrics I find, based on what is close to the Middle Ages.”

Crozant Medieval Festival
August 11, 2022

The Friends of Crozant Medieval Castle
Christophe LASNIER – 7 La Journalière
23160 Crozant

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