Create, discover, learn and have fun...
Enfants au bord d'une rivièreEnfants au bouquet au bord de la rivière
©M. Anglada

Good times with the family

If you’re looking for a great place where you and your children can relax, while enjoying a variety of activities, this is the land for you. Parents or grandparents with small children, you are welcome. Here between strolls and workshops creative, everything is gathered to discover, learn, have fun and initiate!”

Learn while having fun…

The 4 main cultural sites of the territory have educational teams that offer many workshops and animations for children, especially within the framework of the label “la Creuse en Famille”. Some animations take place mainly during school vacations and others all year round. Here are some examples:


  • Eco-museum of the Tuilerie de Pouligny – Chéniers

    Discover the skills of potters and tile makers: raku firing, creation of a board game, discovery and initiation to turning, making a paper kiln and operation, an ocarina, an oil lamp, a totem tree, an argilophone…

  • Espace Monet-Rollinat – Fresselines

    Discover the art of painting and writing: contemporary creation, abstract landscape, realization in relief of an impressionist painting in the Claude Monet style, in the skin of a Japanese artist creation of a poem, the haiku, have fun with reflections in water, Land’art workshop…

  • Lepinat Hotel

    Discovery of pleinairism, impressionism, creation of a panorama, a village from black and white to color, a landscape from the past to the present, creation of a fortress…


Nature Discovery Rides and Workshops


  • At Pablo’s Paradise

    Francoise shares her passion for draft horses and takes you on afamily ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Preparing the horse, holding the carriage guides and climbing on the backs of such large animals, will appeal to the whole family


  • At the Arboretum de la Sédelle

    Children discover the fabulous world of trees and become real little dendrologists. After collecting leaves from ten trees in the arboretum, they will have to search for the magical tree of fairies and elves hidden at the bottom of the valley. With what they have collected, they will make a personalized “nature” postcard.