Gardener's Portrait
Gardener's Portrait

Christian Allaert, Gardens Clos du Préfons

Crozant (Villejoint)

Let’s go together to meet Christiant Allaert, owner of the Jardins Clos du Préfons in Crozant and begin our journey on the edge of the beautiful Creuse Valley, more precisely let’s get closer to the river La Sédelle, in the small hamlet of Villejoint. Push the doors of the garden and let yourself go according to your desires. These small intimate gardens have been established in the spirit of“garden in motion”.


"For me, the Jardin Clos du Préfons is diversity: diversity of spaces, all are different, they are small enclosures; diversity also on the biological level, with plants, animals and man; and among men the visitors, great diversity also interesting!"

He likes
  • Garden
  • Diversity
  • Freedom
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“Le Préfons, le Pré aux Sources”

Here “the wildness of the place, the colors, the reliefs of the landscape, the trees, the sunken paths and the granite houses” have seduced Christian Allaert and inspired his project of the gardens. Each plot of the gardens has a particular atmosphere: go from a more ordered space near the building, to a freer space, marking a contemplative pause on the small chairs in chestnut trees, without forgetting the vegetable garden part or even further down in a wet meadow, the Préfons (meadow with springs)…

Le Préfons, it is the cadastral name of a main part of the garden which means the Meadow of the Source, and as there is water, a lot of water and even small springs, I found that the name carried well to the garden.”

A place, a source of well-being

As Christian says “The garden is a place of course where there are plants to see and it is also above all a place in which we want to stop, to rest, to live in fact.” And this is indeed what the visitor finds here, the quietude, the desire to take the time to observe, to enjoy, to breathe… a beautifulphilosophy of life that Christian invites you to live from the entrance by displaying the formula “Semper festina lente” which means “Always find the balance between reason and heart”!

The Clos du Préfons Garden is also and above all diversity “diversity of spaces, all are different, they are small clos; diversity also biologically,
with plants, animals and man; and among the men the visitors, great diversity also interesting!”

Jardins Clos du Préfons
Lieu-dit Villejoint n° 34
23160 Crozant