Portrait of Creuse
Portrait of Creuse

Jean-Marie Laberthonnière


No doubt that Jean-Marie Laberthonnière was born in a true artistic cradle. Indeed, no less than 500 painters frequented, in their time, Crozant and its surroundings in the northwestern Creuse. One of the best known of them remains Claude Monet, who painted 26 canvases there, including his first series at the confluence of the two Creuses in 1889.


Special feature: his studio was occupied by two renowned landscape artists Ernest Hareux (1847-1909) and Léon Detroy (1857-1955)

He likes
  • Realism
  • Wildness
  • Landscapes
Atelier de peintre « La Magine » à Crozant
Atelier de peintre « La Magine » à Crozant
Atelier de peintre « La Magine » à Crozant

A child of the country

It was also in Crozant that Jean-Marie Laberthonnière was born in 1952, that he grew up there. His youth is rich in discoveries of the simplest happinesses, from that time he is strongly impregnated, according to his own words, with aCreusoise identity through contact with the “rurality”. But as an only child, he begins to draw to pass the time, and is passionate about the image until he follows a degree in Plastic Arts in Paris.

He then participates in exhibitions, his paintings sell, to his own surprise he explains, rather well. And one thing leading to another, or rather from brush to canvas, he officially becomes artist-painter by joining the House of Artists in 1984. Like his predecessors, this Creusois likes to travel the department in search of his “motifs”. The most pleasant part according to him, and which allows him to get lost in the small paths, in search of a world that disappears: an old fence, a tree twisted by the years … He thus spends several hours to sketch these places, favoring the landscapes.

Push the doors of his gallery in the heart of the village

It is only when he returns to his workshop in Crozant that he gets in front of a canvas. The artist then tries to realistically retranscribe, thanks to his brushes, the characters of these places so long observed.

Immersed in the oils of these Creuse landscape artists hanging on the picture rails of museums, meet the artist to discuss painting and admire his work and lose yourself, too, in these landscapes of character, a pencil in hand… or not.

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