Portrait of Creuse
Portrait of Creuse

Séverine Balay, Asinerie de la Petite Creuse

Asinerie de la Petite Creuse - Chéniers

Séverine Balay and her husband welcome you to their Asinerie, located in Chéniers, in North Creuse. They offer guided tours of their donkey farm, but also their artisanal soap factory, without forgetting the hikes with the donkeys, with different formula: in autonomy or accompanied walk, but also walks told according to the seasons…


"The Asinerie de la petite Creuse, it's space, greenery and the sweetness of our donkeys and soaps."

The Asinerie de la Petite Creuse - Chéniers
The Asinerie de la Petite Creuse - Chéniers
Asinerie de la Petite Creuse - Chéniers (23)

Coming from Morbihan, Séverine and her husband arrived in Creuse, as part of their search for a farm that would allow them to both breed donkeys, but also to be able to offer activities such as hiking with donkeys. And to their great surprise, they fell under the spell of the Creuse, a quiet, 100% natural territory that has enormous potential:“we found our happiness in Chéniers. What seduced us here is really the nature side with hiking trails almost ready to use for our hikes with the donkeys.”

Everyone seems to have found peace and an ideal living environment:“It’s nature, it’s greenery. Finally we feel good. It’s a good setting for our animals and from their reactions, we think they also feel good here!”

The Asinerie de la Petite Creuse, labeled Creuse en famille, thus invites you to try several activities and according to the season, to sign up as a family, to the different animations proposed: accompanied stroll with the donkeys, hikes in autonomy (from a few hours to several days), cuddling animations with the donkeys, cowboys, p’tis trappers…. and even for the archers, the asinery proposes a 3D shooting course. In short, there is something for all tastes and all ages!”

A shop at the farm and a restaurant space (pancakes, snack at the farm) also complete the welcome offer. Let yourself be tempted by the donkey milk soaps, which will bring you even more softness after this beautiful experience in the heart of the Creuse countryside.

Asinerie de la Petite Creuse Les Touches
23220 Chéniers

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