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Lépinat Hotel


Within the walls of a former 19th century inn, the Hôtel Lépinat invites you to an interactive immersion in the works of these renowned artists, who came to seek inspiration in the landscapes of the Creuse. Thanks to an original staging and multimedia meditation tools, the Hôtel Lépinat offers to discover the work and creative genius of an impressionist plein air painter at the end of the 19th century.

A place full of history…

The Hotel Lépinat was the meeting place for impressionist painters from 1880. In Crozant, close to the ruins of the medieval castle, the Lépinat Inn was one of the rallying points of all the painters frequenting the Creuse Valley.

Many stayed there, others came to join, when evening came, the merry band. Music, songs, stories animated these evenings where the painters entertained themselves after long days spent alone painting on the ground.

This place, described at the time by its customers as a real little “museum”, was the place where Armand Guillaumin, Léon Détroy, Francis Picabia, Wynford Dewhurst, etc.

Always listening to the painters, Madame Lépinat, the owner of the place, forged bonds of friendship with them.

… and now?

Open to the public in 2014, the Hôtel Lépinat Heritage Interpretation Center works to preserve the memory of 100 years of painting in the Creuse Valley and to develop the history of the “Crozant school.”

Visitors discover each yearexhibitions on painters who have made the Creuse Valley famous. Thanks to the research work of theCenter’s scientific pole, each exhibition highlights the history of a painter in Crozant and wherever his easel and palette led him.

Practical information:

Schedules & opening periods

  • September and October open daily from 1:45 to 6:15 pm
  • November open daily except Tuesdays from 1:45 to 6:15 pm


  • Adult visit : 6€
  • Visit (8-15 years old): 4€
  • Drawing workshop: 4€
  • Group visit (10 pers.) : 5€

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“Everything there inflames the imagination… everything clutches the heart” said George Sand, amazed when discovering Crozant. This landscape is “so rich that the painter does not know where to stop” she said then.

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