Mount Gargan

Follow us on an unmissable site in the Limousin, culminating at 731m, and offering an exceptional panorama of the Millevaches plateau and Monédières mountain range : The Gargan Hill.

The heather’s heaths, century old beeches alleyway, a chapel’s remains, a holly fountain and a memorial stone are to be discovered via a 2,2km trail.

The Gargan Hill was a major place of Résistance during WWII : a memorial stone was erected in memory of the fights between maquisards and Germans in July 1944.

Diverse legends are also linked to the site, notably Gargantua….

Here, everything inspires you for walks and contemplation….

Le Mont Gargan en Haute-Vienne
Le Mont Gargan en Haute-Vienne
Le Mont Gargan en Haute-Vienne

Walk idea : see also “the trails of the Résistance” circuit which lists the memorials, monuments and memorial signs linked to the Résistance”.

To read : Summer 1944. “The Gargan Hill battle” by Pascal Plas and Michel Kiener, Lucien Souny editions.


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