A sharing moment…

Family adventures

Outdoors or indoors, share your fun and educational adventures with the familly at Vassivière lake.

Old and young, novices or experienced, find yourself wandering by foot or by horse, in a creative workshop or in a sporty afternoon….

There is something for everyone !


Play and learn

With Terra Aventura®, walking will be quickly fun ! Put on your trainers, borrow your parents mobile phone, encourage them and… let’s go for one of the six trails around the lake to collect the fun Poïz !

You like touching, making, creating?

For a creative experience, do not hesitate, run to the island, to the International Art and Landscape Centre for a workshop linked with the current exhibition or make a land-art masterpiece (if you prefer with elements you can find outside).

Let your artistic side surprise you with this quirky and immersive experience.

Off on an adventure


Just like a trapper, explore island after island the typical fauna and flora during a canoe adventure. If you suffer seasickness why not climb up, the monkey bridges and zip wire are for you ! Fly from Tree to Tree in a forest by the edge of the lake. How high will you dare to climb.

Big furry animals or small jaw creatures ?


I have big ears, I am cuddly and affectionate, who am I ? The donkey of course… Find me at the Ânes de Vassivière. Stroke my nose, scratch my belly, clean my hoofs, climb on my back…. and off we go to a lovely outdoor excursion.

The world of the infinitely small is also exciting, very surprising and mostly very useful to nature. To discover its secrets, go to La Cité des Insectes. Over 15.000 specimens are waiting for you : giant crickets, ants, stick insects, praying mantis, millipedes, and a lot more!

Our partners offer suitable and various activities for unforgettable familly memories.