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©Lac de Faux la Montagne©Didier Marc pour EDF

Faux la Montagne

Wander through our villages, discover places as lively as they are steeped in history, rich in rural heritage, natural sites and authentic encounters.

Faux la Montagne

A village where life is good all year round !

The name’s origins are from the occitan faus which came from the latus fagus, which gave the name de lo fau (beech, beechwood, beech grove) a tree which was predominant of the first forestations.

Situated in mid-mountain in the Millevaches Regional Natural Park, it offers an open landscape mixing water and wood.

Maintaining the local shops and the creation of services stregthen the welcoming of new arrivals and the town’s energy where the cohesive and social momentum has been here for years.

A detour to the dam with multiple arches is an archetucural rarity and a must-see

The church dedicated to Saint Etienne was built, for its oldest part, in the 13th century.

Did you know?

Between 2016 and 2020, archeological digs were led by the Chatain’s hamlet following the discovery of a Roman villa’s spa.