VassivièraGames and foodsVassiviera, may the legends live !


Vassiviera will open its doors in the old sailing base during the spring 2022 at Auphelle, by the lake. Three universes will enhance the Limousin heritage, culture and food :

  • LE BARRAGE“, an immersive and sensory escape-game to save the Vassivière dam
  • THE LEGENDS TRAIL” : you can admire, listen and uncover the secret of each artistic landscape creation in order to discover the local legends mysteries. A unique treasure hunt in France. New in 2023 
  • GUIDED TOURS of the Vassivière dam and the Peyrat le Château hydroelectric plant. New in 2023
  • LOCAL ENCAS“, a restaurant to relax and eat good, 100% local food while sampling new flavors

David and Amélie, designers of the project tell you about it.

We start with the introductions:

David: I am a “pure stock”. I grew up here, in this magical d=framework, on the island of Vassivière, just across the street. I am a privileged person!

Amélie : I am from Nantes. We are both engineers at the base. After several experiences, the last of which was in the tumultuous city of Tokyo, we needed to return to our roots and especially to give meaning to our life project. We embarked on the Vassiviera adventure in 2019: a year of preparations (study, reflection, creation of scenarios) and a year of work.
We did everything from A to Z “made in Family” not only to reduce costs but especially to give “our soul and our values” to this project.

What is your objective with this Vassiviera concept?

David and Amélie: it’s to weave a link and give coherence by valuing the territory in all its facets: historical, cultural, leisure, gastronomic. It is a complete space for games, relaxation and catering, complementary to the current tourist offer of the lake, very much oriented towards nature sports.
Vassiviera is declined in three universes:

– “The dam“, an unusual and immersive adventure game, in partnership with EDF that mixes escape-game and sensory experience. Try to save the Vassiviera dam from certain submersion!!!

-“The Local Snack“: taste local flavors and enjoy a moment of relaxation by the lake: scenic space, thematic evenings, music…

-“The Legends Trail“, planned for 2023: admire, listen to and pierce the secret of each of the artistic landscape creations to discover the mysteries of local legends. A treasure hunt unique in France!!!

Tell us about the game …

Amélie: I usually say that The Vassiviera Dam is an escape-game that is not one. Indeed, we wanted to awaken all the senses in this game – indoors – whether through the almost realistic scenery, sounds, smells of sensations and especially experiences of coordination, agility and communication to conduct. You are in total immersion.
Imagine… In Vassivière, in the distant future, the all-powerful nature has taken over the lake and the Vassivière dam, forcing its abandonment. The deluge that has fallen relentlessly on France in recent months has raised the water level and this fortress is now in danger of collapsing at any second.
You are the EDF maintenance team. Your mission: penetrate the bowels of the dam, make your way through this maze to try to open the bottom gates and save the Vassivière valley from certain submergence.
An evolving game from 2 to 5 players from 10 to 110 years old – per team – Duration: about 90 minutes – from 22 to 28 €/player depending on the number of players.

And the restaurant?

David: “The Local Snack” is located in the boathouse of the former sailing school. We kept the spirit of the place, industrial style in covered space but open facing the lake. Our concept combines local cuisine 100% home-made and fast food with a service at the counter and tasting where you want: at the table, on the terrace with breathtaking views of the island of Vassivière and the island of snakes, on the small beach (not supervised) or in a corner of nature.
Our recipes from here and elsewhere Limousine version honor local producers and initiatives: gourmet salad, organic vegetable tortis, burgers like you will not find anywhere else, marinated Limousin beef Hachi, blueberry tourtillous and other local ice creams and local drinks too…
With the local snack we also wanted to weave a link between you and the territory: games at disposal, thematic evenings (tales, music or conferences…), events and store of local products and Limousin souvenirs.

Plans for the future?

David and Amélie: We are teeming with ideas but we want to remain rational. First of all, the scenario of the game The Dam will evolve over the seasons. Even if you can replay the same season without redoing quite the same adventure, season 2 will give the maintenance team that you are a new mission!
The recipes of the local snack, it too will evolve.
Then, it is dear to our hearts to develop “the trail of legends” in the outdoor spaces: a treasure hunt in a course of landscape and artistic creations revealing the hidden mysteries of the history of Limousin legends.