The picturesque village of Quenouille

Between Beaumont-du-Lac, Peyrat-le-Château and Auphelle-Vassvière lake, Quenouille is a small hamlet which deserves a detour. In fact, we are led to believe that all roads lead there because it is on the GR44 (Great Walking Trail), on the mill’s trail, Around the Crozat Woods walks and close to the Poet’s trail and Brunagères Rocks.

Before entering the village, the sunken tracks edged with dry stone low walls, the fountains or the small sources carefully restored sharpen our curiousity and invite us to carry on walking.

You are then entering a typical small village of the Limousin montain of great architectural quality. Here, everything has been restored, enhances, flowered with care and harmony : beautiful granit houses, scattered small heritage – bread ovens, farm buildings such as chicken coops, pigsties, kilns – which bears witness of agricultural past, but also ancient practice (wash house, wells…) and the village layout (organisation, geographic exposition prefered on the hillside…).

While crossing it, the inhabitants will be pleased to talk to you and tell you about their haven of peace which they chose to enhance collectively and makes it today a picturesque village on Millevaches Regional Natural Park.

Source: PAH, Brunagères rocks leaflet, Millevaches Regional Natural Park.