The Sénoueix Bridge

Let’s go to Gentioux-Pigerolles direction St Marc at Loubaud exploring a small bridge full of charm which steps over the Taurion river and raises so many questions : roman or not roman ?

It is called “Roman Bridge” but it might date from the 17th century. The only remains of this bridge, made of a single arch, a curved arch. It should be a dried-joint masonry. The abutments, built with large stones, are still visible. We still see the traces of a paved road which goes accross it and others a few meters further. Around the bridge, you can find stones which formed the masonry.

The Limousin preserves a large amount of single arch ancient bridges, often qualified as “Roman bridge”, a few dating from Roman time, for others, their built date from 12th to the 18th centuries.

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