Your head in the stars !

Starry sky

The Millevaches regional natural park in the Limousin is renouned for its International starry sky reserve (RICE).

We can see from here the Milky Way, a rare chance !

As such, the Millevaches regional park in the Limousin gained on the 30th of November 2020, the International starry sky reserve (RICE) label given by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). In France, only three other territories are involved.

Some measures are planned, wth the aim to preserve, (re)discover and amplify our “night” ressources, including in the tourism sector.

Our activity is based on natural tourism, the peace and the freshness of this preserved space.

Soon, sky observatory sites called “under the star” will emerge to guarantee the best possible experience of sky observation.

Nocturnal ambiance enthusiasts, do not hesitate to share this celestial information.

Night discovery, observation sites…

At the crossroads, come and discover 2 mysterious sites near Lake Vassivière!
On one side, the Puy la Besse, at 775 m altitude with its magnificent tumulus and on the other side, the Roches Brunagères at 773 m altitude with its orientation table.
Here, stones and night are one !
See the sheet Puy La Besse and Roches Brunagères
Other observation sites on the Millevaches plateau