Words of the actorsAnthony Manson Caron

Words of the actors – Anthony Manson Caron

Fishing Instructor-Guide

Anthony Manson-Caron, Fishing Instructor-Guide – AMC fishing Prédator Creuse and on Lake Vassivière answers our questions:

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Anthony’s advice for a good fishing session in Vassivière?

Always believe in yourself, your lure and your animation!

The 2 good reasons to choose you as a guide in Vassivière?

For my friendliness, my ability to adapt in practice but also according to my client. And then for my sense of sharing and my desire to transmit a passion that makes me vibrate every day … Uh 🤔, that’s 4 good reasons !

An anecdote during a fishing guide in Vassivière?

In the summer of 2020, during an introduction to float tube fishing, a young trainee relatively turbulent suddenly leaned forward of the float tube, so he went through the front and ended up in the water! Thanks to the flotation vest, no accident occurred, we had a good laugh afterwards.

Thank you Anthony!!