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Island of Vassivière

New in 2022: Trot’Z ride

Electric scooter

What would you say about going on an adventure in a fun way to live a unique experience?
Try an all-terrain electric scooter on the banks of Lake Vassiviere, does that tempt you?
A sliding sport practicable by all from 12 years old, combining speed and sensations but also peaceful rides without effort!
To practice without moderation in family, between friends, between colleagues, for a birthday, a ride in love, a bachelorette or stag party…

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Jean Charles, what does Lake Vassiviere evoke for you, how did you discover it?

Lake Vassiviere evokes for me a total change of scenery, a return to nature and disconnection. I discovered it thanks to my in-laws who have a second home a few kilometers from the Lake.

A new adventure to live around the lake, can you tell us more?

My perfect knowledge of Lake Vassiviere allows me to propose fun tourist tours and to make people discover the Lake in another way.

Can you introduce your machines in a few words?

The all-terrain electric scooter is designed for sensation lovers. Its very low center of gravity, suspension fork and 20-inch FAT wheels ensure great comfort, ease of use and very good handling. Users will only need a few minutes to get the hang of it. From 12 to 77 years old, access new sensations without effort.

How does a ride unfold?

Very agile in the paths around Lake Vassiviere, you will be totally autonomous while respecting the path of your GPS guide installed on each scooter. We propose you 3 different circuits in distance and difficulty to discover the inescapable of the lake: the island of Vassivière of course, the circuit of the beaches which borrows the path of banks and a last one directed heritage with the discovery of the village of character of Quenouille and the path of the poets marked out sculptures.
You just have to let yourself be guided by the GPS track.

Electric mobility is eco-responsible?

Yes, our electric scooters are in total respect of the environment thanks to the zero emission of CO² and all this in silence!!

Other projects afterwards?

Yes, we have other projects in our head to make discover this magical place!!