Paddle Vassivière©Maxime Authier
©Paddle Vassivière©Maxime Authier|Paddle Vassivière©Maxime Authier

Water sports

Just like a trapper, live a unique canoe adventure on the lake going to islands to ilslands to explore the typical Fauna and Flora – the snake eating eagle, the carnivorous plants -listen to the sounds of the night, contemplate the night sky, get thrilling feelings when whitewatering on the Maulde river.

For an adventure in total immersion in the natural and landscaped heritage, thanks to a calm trail with your paddle, explore the Nautical Trails FFCK ! Canoe, kayaks, stand-up paddle, with a certified guide or a map, choose your vessel and enjoy an unforgettable experience !

Vassivière is an unmissable paddle spot which welcomes major competitions like “10h non-stop” a paddle endurance unique in France.

Organised or freely, enjoy the pleasures of the gentle navigation with family or friends.

Invigorating sensations

Try the joys of water skiing, towed buoy, wake-board… on one of the two motonautical zones available, managed by the water ski clubs. Beginners or experts, between friends or with the family, adults or children from the age of 3, choose your adapted option to fill up with thrills and laughter !