Discover the Creusein a car

By car

On the edge of Berry and its vast horizontal expanses, the Creuse with its undulations adorned with hedges, copses and forests, constitutes a kind of gentle walk towards the Auvergne and the peaks of its sleeping volcanoes. As if to invite the traveler to linger, this department in the heart of France offers a multi-faceted scenery, varied as can be, knitted with small roads that twist to follow the rivers as closely as possible and connect with methodical stubbornness the scattered villages and hamlets.

This privileged and unspoiled setting is a paradise for lovers of unconstrained mop-ups via the back roads. By crisscrossing these sometimes wild country landscapes, discovering all the heritage treasures that are there, enthusiasts of motorized wandering have made it a favorite land. The outings organized by clubs concerned with authenticity and hospitality, the impromptu journeys between friends in search of zenitude, the gatherings of vintage car enthusiasts, have logically flourished there.

Hands on the wheel

A friendly ride reserved for vintage cars, the Creusekistan Classic© has set itself the goal of making people discover in one weekend the most beautiful sites of a department that abounds with them. For the pleasure of more than 600 crews seduced by this meeting since 2013, the route each time renewed crisscrosses the rural roads of the Creuse by the schoolchildren’s path at the end of June. People flock there from all regions of France and abroad to savor at a leisurely pace the many treasures hidden in this setting. An ideal host land for lovers of old valves, Creusekistan has more than one trick up its sleeve.

The Creuse in pictures

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