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Country of medium mountains, the Creuse allows to train gently to the reliefs and to the D+. Its courses are ideal for a recovery, the beginning of a preparation or simply to keep the form! From marked loops to the tracks of “boars”, the karst and forest landscapes, the riverbanks will be the companions of your nature outings. Our ambassadors, all passionate about the Creuse and trail running, will share their routes with you. If you like challenges, every year, in early December the trail of the white wolf (15, 25, 45km …) is an event gathering more than 1,000 participants in the Maupuy massif.

The 2

Trail Spaces

of the Creuse

L’Espace Trail des Monts de Guéret:

  • 10 specific “Trail” circuits marked out (from 5.9 km and 141 m of D+ to 67 km and 2402 m of D+) where each runner, beginner or expert, locates in the Monts de Guéret a playground that matches his desires and abilities. Alone or with friends, you find inspiration for active stays to prepare for your season or in preparation for the famous “Trail du Loup Blanc” in December.
  • Three gates allow you to reach the different circuits: the Maupuy refuge, the parking lot of Pierre la Grosle and the parking lot of the Monts de Guéret Animal Park “Les Loups de Chabrières”. A link from the Courtille recreation area also leads you to the start of Maupuy.
  • For your specific training, you have the split course around the Courtille pond, a Fartlek course and a dry climb of 850 m at 10% at the summit of Maupuy.

To know…

For the most daring, 3 courses of the Monts de Guéret trail area are equipped with night marking with retro-reflective arrows!

Marked courses in Châtelus le Marcheix (labeled Uni’vert Trail):

  • 3 specific circuits “Trail” marked of 8 km, 13.5 km and 19.5 km.
  • Starting from Châtelus le Marcheix, in the southwest of the Creuse, go for a dip in the Thaurion valley: breathtaking landscapes!”
Focus on

Elise Guillot

Trail enthusiast

Born in 1989 Elise grew up in Creuse at the foot of Maupuy. She started track and field in 2004 and did her first trail run in 2009 at the Templars festival. Her passion for running was born at the Marchois athletic sports where she was a member for 7 years.

For this young sportswoman: “The Creuse is a real corner of paradise for running. All the assets are there, a particularly demanding terrain with successions of flats, hills, and descents. A great variety of paths, forest tracks, technical paths with rocks and roots, my favorites are the famous singles under the fir trees covered with needles and mosses which are quite specific to the Creuse and which provide unique sensations with each stride. All in an idyllic and wild setting”.

She now lives in the Toulouse region, but she remains very attached to the Creuse and prefers to train in the mountains of Guéret than in the Pyrenees. Very involved in the Creuse sport, she has integrated the “Team Trail des Monts de Guéret” which she is very proud to represent.

The Trail

In Pictures

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Trail du loup blanc - Edition 2015
Trail du loup blanc - Edition 2015
Trail du loup blanc - Edition 2015