National Wool DaysFelletin
JNL 02 ©Aubusson Felletin TourismeJNL 02 ©Aubusson Felletin Tourisme
©JNL 02 ©Aubusson Felletin Tourisme
22nd edition

National Wool Days

October 28, 29 and 30, 2022

The annual meeting of all lovers of beautiful materials, lovers of French yarn and handmade!”

Three days of immersion in the land of wool to discover all the secrets of this multifaceted material. A weekend to live the wool in contact, breeders, specialists, textile designers, craftsmen.

JNL 04 ©Aubusson Felletin TourismeJNL 04 ©Aubusson Felletin Tourisme
©JNL 04 ©Aubusson Felletin Tourisme

Felletin is located 10 kilometers from Aubusson, the international capital of basse lisse tapestry, in the Creuse department.

On the program:

  • Setting up the project“Tricot sur la Ville” in the streets of Felletin
  • Guided tours and open doors of the spinning mill and weaving workshops
  • Creators’ fair: space dedicated to the discovery of craftsmen and know-how
    lainiers. Are present producers, processors, knitwear designers …
  • Thematic conferences, exhibition of tapestries, botanical walks
  • Initiation workshops (spinning, dyeing, felting …) , children’s workshops, coffee-knitting …

On this occasion, the 20,000 expected visitors will be able to fill up … with wool: solognote, bizet, black Velay, limousine, causse du Lot, Wensleydale, Basque-Bearn, Hampshire, Down, macomerinos, fibers: mohair, angora, alpaca, yak, camel, knitted or felted articles, accessories: needles, loom, felting equipment …

Felletin Patrimoine Environnement
Place Philippe Quinault

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