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The Terra Aventura "Thousand Stones" course

Benoît, the digital referent of the Aubusson-Felletin Tourist Office, delivers his favorite: the 100% New Aquitaine geocaching Terra Aventura. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to travel the region, looking for the precious Poï’z.

A fan of digital treasure hunts, you may have already come across him in Périgueux, Bordeaux, La Rochelle… and of course in Creuse in search of Zarthus, Zoutil, Zeïdon and the 33 other characters of the Terra Aventura family.


Get some fresh air, work out, learn and have a fun time with your family… This is my vision of the Terra Aventura in New Aquitaine.

This treasure hunt version 2.0 allows via a free app to go in search of a treasure (a “cache”), meticulously concealed. But isn’t the real treasure to get together with friends or family to explore new places unsuspected by most?

To find the cache, you have to solve riddles. Inside the cache are “Poï’z”, small characters virtually present and soon back in the form of badges to collect.

Terra aventura, it’s more than 400 courses in New Aquitaine, including 6 in Creuse Grand Sud, that’s to say if you have the choice!

Practicing this activity since its “Limousine” origin (10 years already) it is an excellent way for me to (make) discover “my Creuse” but more widely the New Aquitaine.

My favorite route is definitely “Mille-Pierres” on the commune of Gioux for its incredible views of the Auvergne mountains.
I particularly appreciate this circuit for its relief, the pleasure of walking on the first heights of the Plateau de Millevaches in the middle of the amazing landscapes of moors.

My little tip: if you still feel like discovering, not far from the end of the trail is the start of the Moorland and peatland circuit. During this walk, at the top of a pretty path, a picnic table awaits you to be able to make the most of this extraordinary natural spectacle.


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