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The visit of the Terrade woolen mill

Direction Felletin where Edwige, tells you about the visit to the artisanal woolen spinning mill Terrade. In the land of Aubusson tapestry, this family business is one of the last in France to perpetuate this know-how, indispensable for local tapestry workshops.


We are fortunate in Creuse to have a world-renowned know-how: the Aubusson tapestry. A centuries-old art revealed thanks to the skills of men and women who magnify the raw material essential to basse-lisse tapestry: wool.

A visit to this workshop, labeled living heritage company, puts the senses on alert. Rava, bizet, solognote, limousine, alpaca, yak… we only want to touch the wool stored in the wool bales. The noise of the machines invites you to visit the second floor of the company where you can follow the path of the wool that goes from fleece to yarn. The magic happens at the carding machine (a huge machine that dates back to the 1940s!) when before your eyes the very fine woolen fleece is divided into pre-threads.

Do not miss: the colorist’s workshop. Even after many years, I am still amazed at the coloring of the material. The colorist proceeds empirically: nothing is written down, the only reference is a color sample left by the customer. With the 3 primary colors packaged in powder form, the colorist will, by eye, reproduce the desired color.


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