Clautres Farm

Clautres Organic Farm

A farm like no other

In a farmhouse in the Creuse with old buildings, the Clautres farm welcomes you for a guided tour of one and a half hours of escape from Cape Point through Chile and to the end of India.

You will travel around the world discovering Egyptian geese, Japanese cranes, Tibetan eared pheasants, whopper swans from the Far North, Australian emus and a hundred other rare bird species. During this trip, you will discover exotic cow breeds such as the Bufflone, Greek Steppe, Dexter, Highland and Galloway. Then, at the turn of a henhouse populated by surprising tenants, you will discover the magic of hatching.


Highlight of the visit : tour of the property in “duck duck mobil”.


This tour will delight adults and children who can play duck fishing, participate in the hunt for eggs in the straw, feed or pet the dwarf animals of the farm.

The farm is open every day during the summer season and a guided tour is organized at 4pm.

Tours are possible during off-season for groups by reservation.