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Portrait of Creuse
Portrait of Creuse

Nelly, the zen attitude we need…

Nelly, Qi Gong teacher

With her association Perséphone, Nelly sets up workshops or thematic days: the changes of seasons, eyes and sight… These are beautiful opportunities for sharing and exchange between women.


"Summing up Nelly in a few words: calm, zen and generous...
Nelly is a teacher of Qi Gong, the gentle gymnastics of Chinese tradition that strengthens energy and makes the body more flexible."

She likes
  • The nature
  • The Zen attitude
  • and Qi Gong :-)

In these troubled times, we would all like to have a friend like Nelly… She is calm, zen, a good listener and generous.In fact, in these troubled times, we would all like to be at least a little like Nelly. To do so, we must adopt her lifestyle, close to nature, close to human, with respect for others and ourselves.

Nelly is a Qi Gong (pronounced chi quong) teacher and her students, mostly women, would not miss a session for anything! There are several reasons for this. Qi Gong is a “gentle gymnastics” of Chinese tradition that strengthens energy and makes the body more flexible. Practicing the exercises regularly is a guarantee of good health. This is a good point but…. What the practitioners appreciate most is their teacher!

One of her main qualities is listening.

This is what allows her to fully meet the expectations, pathologies and abilities of her students. She organizes weekly sessions in several communes and also intervenes with people who are ill or in remission.

Nelly organizes workshops or thematic days: the changes of seasons, eyes and sight… Moments of exchange, listening but also transmission. And if one is attentive, the movements learned can then be reused at home.

Nelly of course practices Qi Gong daily.

Her home in the countryside, surrounded by greenery, trees and her garden au naturel are for her a true source of inspiration and energy. It is not uncommon for her to take advantage of the early morning to connect her senses and ground herself with a few movements done with flexibility and concentration.

Her life is oriented towards a deep respect for nature.

Tending towards this is to allow herself to enjoy all that it offers us: its beauty, its strength, its incredible resilience! Put your senses to work!Smell the fragrant pine, watch the bee foraging on the purple heather, touch the wet grass, crunch a borage flower, listen to the fresh water flowing through your fingers… Marvel at this free show offered by nature. Nelly takes advantage of it and shares it with her family. At her home, herbs become herbal teas, trees share their energy, the plants in the garden remain free, and so do we!

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I met Nelly during a hike organized by the tourist office. We quickly hit it off and I liked her simple and natural way of life.

I first visited her garden in the middle of nature, tasted her delicious elderberry lemonade before I knew that she practiced Qi-gong. Over the years and training, she even became a teacher and leads sessions and workshops. While participating in a workshop, I understood how important these regular appointments were for the well-being of the practitioners.

In these anxious times, the tourist office calls on Nelly’s skills and gentleness. Every summer, she leads a Qi Gong walk on a site that lends itself to disconnection and…there are many! Personally, I reuse some of these movements to relax or in the garden, after a beautiful day, to greet the sun (and ask it to come back the next day 😉 ).