The school tripin the Cascades of Augerolles

Discovering the wild river of the Peak

It is finally the day of the end of year school trip for the students of Masbaraud-Mérignat school. The discovery of this superb protected site will mark the children, and give them an excellent idea of escapade during their summer vacations!

We are the students of CE2 – CM1 – CM2 and we went for a day to visit the Pic river. This outing allowed us to educate ourselves and make us aware of the respect of nature. During this hike we had a guide, Flavien Luttrat, who offered us activities.

We arrived at the parking lot of the waterfalls of Augerolles. This is where our guide met us. He introduced himself and informed us of what we were going to do.

We walked to a drawbridge. There we looked at a map to locate ourselves, to see that the source of the river starts at the Peak and goes into La Maulde. We then filled out the Pic River ID card.

We took a short hike to get closer to the waterfalls. We advise you to be careful and sometimes even hold onto the trees as the descent is steep and can be slippery! Be sure to wear hiking shoes or boots.

The more we descended, the more we heard the sound of the water, the sound of the waterfalls. When we arrived we settled down to make a sketch of the landscape.
Our guide introduced us to the fish that lived in the river of the Peak, there are four kinds. Our guide introduced us to the fish that live in the Pic River, there are four kinds of fish, it’s up to you to find out which ones! We formed groups and while some of us were answering questions about the fish, Flavien Luttrat was showing the bottom of the water to a group. We moved away to have a picnic by the water. Be careful, if you want to eat there, remember to take a trash bag to put your waste in because there is no trash can.
Then, we resumed the hike to stop a little farther to admire the waterfalls. We drew them.

Then we retraced our steps, landing at a spot where there were rocks. Our leader went to retrieve insect larvae while we learned the characteristics of these larvae. We were able to observe them and try to recognize them. We loved this activity.
Then we went back to the beginning of the hike to play a little game. We had to recognize labeled rivers on pictures.

We recommend you to go, the landscapes are beautiful!


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