Gaston Thiery ExhibitionApril 1 to November 26, 2022 / "Souvenances" in Fresselines
Espace Monet-Rollinat / "La Grange" workshop

Gaston Thiery Exhibition

April 1 to November 26, 2022

Come and discover this original exhibition retracing the life and works of Gaston Thiery, landscape painter considered the continuator of the “Crozant School”, to be discovered within the Espace Monet-Rollinat but also by appointment in his studio “La Grange” in Fresselines. And if you came in 2021, come back in 2022 to discover new works exposed for the celebration of his centenary.

60 years of creation in Fresselines 1950-2010

Gaston Thiery, a young man from Lille, born in 1922, did classical studies in France and Belgium and then entered the Beaux-arts in the decoration workshop. In 1940, facing the war, he took refuge in Creuse in Fresselines and naturally he drew and painted during his outings on the banks of the Creuse, installing in 1948 his studio in the heart of the village.

Lover of nature, Gaston Thiery was certainly so when he met Leon Detroy, who then had his workshops in Fresselines and Gargilesse and who knew how to discover in his young friend the qualities that since then have only asserted themselves and earned him a fair reputation.

Gaston Thiery’s works in Paris and in the world

Gaston Thiery from 1962 onwards successfully enters the great Parisian galleries which will remain faithful to him until the 1990s. He will make the Valley of the Painters of the Creuse shine through numerous exhibitions in France and abroad. His works are distributed in Europe, Japan, the United States and are part of many public and private collections.


“Souvenances” – Gaston Thiery

Accomplished artist, invested in the life of his village, Gaston Thiery marked the Creuse Valley from 1940 to 2013. Onthe occasion of the 80th anniversary of his arrival in Fresselines,the “Souvenances” exhibition will allow the public to discover or rediscover with emotion the life and work of a passionate man, the last painter of the Crozant school who represents today the tradition of landscape painting in the Creuse.

Gaston Thiery and Tapestry

From 1965 solicited by Paul Andraud Master Lissier in Aubusson, he executed his first Tapestry cartoons. This adventure will last 30 years and will see the realization of more than 100 tapestry cartoons. Mad lover of nature, it is it that he will transpose in compositions that from amblai obtain the favors of the public.

A demanding technique

Tapestry is a long term creation, because if the cardboard must be perfectly drawn to the size of the work that will be woven, it must, moreover, be figured on reversed tracing paper because the weaver works his weaving upside down. Gaston Thiery’s choice of the Andraud Establishments was also based on their competence and their capacity to reproduce all the nuances of tones imagined by the cartonnier. Technically, this was possible, as the Andraud Establishments use three-strand wools, allowing for chinés and gradations of hues.

Exhibition “Souvenances” Gaston Thiery
From April 1 to November 26, 2022

Espace Monet-Rollinat
2 Allée Fernand Maillaud
23450 Fresselines

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