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Vassivière Lake

Vassivière, the name means something to you, doesn't it ? It's one of the best places for tourism and leisure in the Limousin. It's often compared to Canada as much for its forested landscapes as for its islands and peninsulas. So why not try the experience and organise a holiday or a weekend at Vassivière ? And you know what? It's also in the Creuse. Astonishing, no ?

Contact : 

Le Lac de Vassivière Pôle Tourisme
Auphelle, Lac de Vassivière Peyrat le Château 87470 France
Tél : 05 55 69 76 70 - Fax : 05 55 69 23 98

Royère de Vassivière Tourist Office
Place de la Mayade
23460 Royère de Vassivière
Tél : 05 55 64 75 11

A real aquatic resort !

With more than 1000 ha of water, several beaches including those of Broussas and de Vauveix, several ports, Vassivière is THE aquatic resort in the heart of France. What's more, it subject to Coastal Law. No kidding…

With all its establishments and 47 km of banks, one could doubt the efficiency of its transport. But that's without counting its boat taxis that transport you for free from one point to the other. Once your car is parked, you're free to move around as you wish. Better, if you're holidaying on site, the boat taxis will also take your bike. For your outings on foot or bike or your morning run, the shore trail borders the lake for 30 km. Shorter, the 2.5 km Puy de la Croix heath interpretation trail reveals landscapes transformed by man and follows the story of an older agricultural life.

And as for athletic leisure activities, you won't be disappointed: sailing school, canoeing, stand-up paddle surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, open water swimming – everything is possible at Vassivière.

Leisure activities and events

It's all year round – or almost! Sports, culture, exhibitions, workshops… The list is long and varied. The site also hosts several events on a national level. In sport, one has to mention La Déjantée, the Vassivière semi-marathon, the open water swimming French Cup, the Porcelain Regatta, the MTB Limousin Crossing, the Transmillevaches…

There are also many festivals. We particularly love the Bobines Rebelles (Rebel Reels) Festival (in June), the Destination Ailleurs (Destination Elsewhere) Festival on Vassivière Island in July/August, the Folie les Mots (The Madness of Words) Festival (Faux-la-Montagne), the Vassivière Intercultural Tale Festival: "Storytellers’ Words” (August on Vassivière Island). Lastly, exhibitions organised in the International Centre for Art and Landscape make this an indispensable place in the cultural life of the Creuse in the Limousin.

Vassivière also has a concentration of leisure activities that you wouldn't really expect in this corner of France, skate parks, rope parks. And of course, we can't talk about Vassivière without talking about fishing ! Zander, pike, trout are all there and are ready and waiting…