Peyrat le Château

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Peyrat le Château

This little town with a Gallo-Roman past, called Peyrat-le-Fort in the Middle-Ages and Peyrat-la-Montagne during the French Revolution, will unfold some surprises. With its beautiful 15th century lake, its outstanding architectural heritage, the lovers of Middle-Ages and history will be amazed by its church (14th century) dedicated to Saint-Martin, its Square Tower and its Resistance Museum which bears witness of the maquisards’ action during the WWII.

Make a detour to the village of Quenouille, with its picturesque granit houses and its restored heritage.

Did you know?

The EDF station for the Vassivière dam is situated at the hamlet of Le Mazet. The water is brought through a 3,6km underground gallery and a waterfall of 600m. It produces an average of 63Mw yearly, the yearly equivalent of a town of 40.000 inhabitants (Brive) and avoids the emission of 83.000 tons of CO2 per year.