Our bestPanoramas
©Maxime Authier

Superb panoramas

You can never see the lake entirely.

To admire its twists and turns, we must go up at the price of a few climbs.

Our selection of the most beautiful viewpoints around the lake :

  • The panoramic table of the Puy de la Croix heath offers the largest view
  • The Puy du Rocher, one of the highest summits of the county, overlooking the whole North-East of the lake
  • Finally, the Chassagnas Peninsula offers a unique 180° viewpoint.

On the natural side :

  • Go up to the Brunagères Rocks panoramic table taking the poet’s walk which offers on a clear day a view as far as the Sancy mountain range
  • On the heights of the plateau, Gentioux-Pigerolles side, make the detour on the wind turbines trail offering an open view of Millevaches
  • Climb up the impressive granit platform of the Clamouzat rocks to admire the view of the Limousin’s countryside
  • Finally, the Mazure trail where you will discover our typical landscapes of heaths and pitbogs.

The Chassagnas peninsula

The Chassagnas peninsula circuit, a protected site overlooking the lake, will take you to the discovery of the Vauveix wild island, then a small climb where you get a unique 180° viewpoint which won’t leave you indifferent.

Around a tumulus, the walkers leave their trace by adding a stone on the structure.

The circuit of 7,3km circuit is about 2 hours walk.

The Puy du Rocher

At the Puy du Rocher, it seems that nature goes above the Vassivière lake.

If the Puy Lagarde, with its 795m height, is the highest summit of the Millevaches Plateau, the Puy Rocher, which overlooks the Vassivière lake, is part of the highest summits of the county. Starting at the Nergout port, this trail, steep at the beginning, goes gradually up to 767m. Once at the summit, the Puy Rocher offers a breathtaking panorama of the whole North-East of Vassivière lake. To preserve this exceptional surroundings, the Puy Rocher became a grazing area in 2013. The plateau’s farmers hand over their cattle to sheperds who lead the animals, up to 200, around the lake in order to maintain the land.