We tested it for youLa Cabane de la Plage
Presqu'île de Broussas

Portrait– Christophe Garnier

The Beach Hut

Go with us to meet Christophe, a hell of a character in our territory, whom you will find at la cabane de la Plage. Situated on the Presqu ‘île de Broussas, this place is a friendly place of restoration, bar, snack, concerts, open from 10:30 am to midnight during the summer period…

What is your profession, your activity; how long have you been installed at Lake Vassivière?

My profession is above all my life in Broussas, here on the beach. I spend a third of the year, from June to September, at “La Cabane de la plage”My job today is a restaurateur, but my concern is to offer my customers fresh, quality, if possible local products (tomatoes from Pigerolles, cheeses from Gentioux and Nedde, homemade jams, and surprises from the garden…), in order to help them discover the riches of the plateau.

I also hope that the Cabane soir a festive place, of exchange, of conviviality, of meetings… Besides, every year, I make friends. Here, we are also a bit the Tourist Office, because we inform enormously the holidaymakers.

Why this choice? Tell me about your background:

I am originally from Sologne. I was working as an educator. One day, after a long trip I took a break at a friend’s house in La Villedieu. There, I realized that in Sologne, everything is fenced in, private. Here, on the plateau, it is the opposite. I felt a feeling of freedom with these wide open spaces. Moreover, water has always attracted me and there it is ubiquitous: lakes, rivers, springs and peat bogs surround us.

In 1986, I found a house to remodel in Creuse. I passed a professional certificate of organic market gardener in 1988 and in 1990, and I settled. At the same time, I created a self-employed business in green spaces.

My activity brought me closer to the lake and I began to rub shoulders with tourists by selling my vegetables, berries and jams at markets and at the Broussas campsite at aperitif time: everything was going very fast! At the same time, I was working at the vacation village of Nedde (multi-tasking at the pool, tennis, in the kitchen): my first experience in tourism!

At the time around the lake, there were mobile trucks. In 1995, the year of the emptying, The Syndicate Le Lac de Vassivière wished to replace them with beach restos by authorizing the construction. Thus, in 1999, I worked at the Cabanes de Nergout. The setting, like the atmosphere, facing the lake, was ideal, especially since at the time I was still sailing catamarans. It was the best!”

In 2003, I had the opportunity to buy the Cabane de Broussas from Steph, an emblematic figure of the lake – a thought for him – and since then, my business has grown with the construction by the Syndicat du Lac of a more spacious and functional cabin (today I am no longer the owner, but a tenant!). It has become a family business: I work there with my son Jonathan, who also caught the “Vassivière” virus (he was a lifeguard at the Lake, then drove the cab boats). In the summer, my second son Robin, joins us for the season.

It is a magical place, the setting is exceptional, and I like to give it a festive spirit with the organization of concerts. I even have other projects in mind such as antique cinema in 8 and super 8 at night and in the open air: the setting lends itself wonderfully well to it.

To be continued!


The confidences of Christophe

My favorite walks, visits:

By nature, the high points because they offer the most beautiful views.
I will mention the Lande du Puy de la Croix and the Presqu’ile de Chassagnas, because these are the ones I fought for, to avoid the closure of the landscapes by resinous plantations and safeguard this natural heritage, a real wealth.

And then there are also the Rochers de Clamouzat for which we mobilized with my neighbor to avoid the closure of the place by fir plantations.

My favorite time of year or season:

Autumn with its splendid colors and mushrooms… A passion!

My favorite specialty:

Local lamb chops (from Hautebesse farm) with a fricassee of girolles

The place I particularly like (landscape, built heritage,…):

The monument to the dead of Gentioux, the only one in France. Quite a symbolism !

My passion :

The garden, even if it is hard it rests me, I feel good there. I collect also lots of things: old movies, postcards,…

La Cabane de la plage

3 adjectives to describe Vassivière:

Isolated, unpredictable, immeasurable

3 colors to represent Vassivière:

There are plenty, the most obvious is the green and blue for the environment. But there is also:
– the yellow of the salamander
– the black and white of the badger
– the yellow, green and red of the Green Woodpecker
And all these colors are also found in nature!

I like:

The preserved environment and quality of life

I don’t like:

The destruction of local wildlife. I don’t like the monoculture of Douglas fir, I prefer mixed forests.