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Portrait – Valérie and Jean-François Marchive

Le Bistro du Lac

Jean François and Valérie, joined by their son Lucas have known how to make this place grow and live, to make Bistro du lac, a must at the lake of Vassivière. Taste an artisanal pizza, a good piece of Limousin beef or simply sip on the terrace with an ice cream or a waffle, more than a bar restaurant it is today a real place to live that has naturally taken its place on the edge of Lake Vassivière.

What is your job, your activity?

We are the owners of the “Bistro du Lac” in Masgrangeas a traditional pizzeria from dough to composition. We are epicureans, and work with recipes based on good fresh products and if possible creusois. We also offer good meat from Limousin and have expanded our menu with some specialties that we master well and that our customers like. Our son who works with us has expanded the activity with a beer bar and a terrace open all day to have a drink and enjoy a delicacy.Valerie: I was a cheese maker by trade and I select quality cheeses for the pizzeria or the small grocery store that we also offer. What is important to us is to give pleasure to our customers with good plates and a good welcome. In addition to the pizzeria we also have a laundry and we rent mountain bikes (classic and electric) to discover the lake. Jean François, passionate about quad biking, offers in winter, packages to endurists, quaders and road bikers with accommodation, meals, and accompaniments to discover the paths and quiet roads of our region.


Why this choice, tell me about your background:

Valerie: We were previously on Cognac, Jean François was a company manager and I was a cheese maker. We wanted to change our lives in order to take advantage of our last years of activity in a region that we liked with an activity chosen around nature and motorcycling. Our basic project was to find an old building to restore, to create an accommodation for enduro riders. Coincidentally, we were offered in 2015 a business on Masgrangeas. We refurbished everything, re-decorated, and we embarked on the adventure of restoration and various ancillary activities.

How long have you been based at Lake Vassiviere?

We started the adventure at Lake Vassivière in February 2016.
Jean François: I am an endurist and I discovered Lake Vassivière and more particularly Peyrat le Château, Gilles Lalay’s country, about ten years ago when I came to ride my motorcycle. We fell in love with Lake Vassivière.


Why the choice of Lac de Vassivière?

We really appreciate the quality of life here, the environment and the excellent welcome that the locals have given us. The shopkeepers of Royère de Vassivière gave us good advice to develop our business.

Our family and friends visit us and are surprised by the beauty of the landscapes and the environment. It is for them each time a beautiful discovery and they understand better our approach. We appreciate the 2 seasons summer / winter more marked than in Cognac. Here, there is a real winter with snow.


The confidences of Valerie and Jean-François

Your favorite walk, visit:

Valerie: Running from Masgrangeas to Broussas on the Sentier de rives
Jean François: The Presqu’île de Chassagnas with this exceptional view

Your favorite time of the year or season:

Valerie: October for the climate and the colors, you would think you were in Canada
Jean François: September and October for the mushroom picking and the colors

Your favorite specialty:

The Mozarella Buffala and the tomatoes


The place that amazes you:

Valerie: La Rigole du Diable
Both: La Chapelle du Rat

Your passion:

Valerie: my children, motorcycling and …Jean François
Jean François: enduro

Le Bistro du Lac

Les Hameaux du lac – Masgrangeas
Tel: 05 87 54 00 24 – 06 22 00 28 39

3 adjectives to describe Vassiviere:

Nature, landscape, serenity

3 colors to represent Vassiviere:

Green, blue, and red

We like:

People, relationship

We dislike:

Valerie: injustice
John Francis: pessimism, negative