Fisheries session withClément Mazouffre

Words of passion – Clément Mazouffre


I am passionate about fishing, president of the AAPPMA “La Pelaude” in Eymoutiers and professional Factor of fishing rods “Les Cannes Du Limousin”.

Tell me your crush on Vassivière, when, how?

I live next to Limoges but my family is from a small village next to the lake of Vassivière. At heart I feel at home by the lake… Being passionate about the fish found in the lake, in love with this little Canada of the Limousin, I have been fishing the lake since I was 3/4 years old…

What feelings does it inspire in you?

Why do I love the lake? Vast topic…the atmosphere and setting is just unique. By the lake I am soothed, relaxed and above all in a fabulous place! Nothing is more relaxing for me than to contemplate this magnificent lake. The lake often means fishing outing but also family, stroll on the shore or in a boat… Moments with family and friends.

A little anecdote during your fishing session in Vassivière?

The anecdotes are numerous but I think of one that particularly marked me. During a float-tube trip I was fly fishing for pike. I had caught a few fish but not yet the “big monster” so much expected. Then, while returning from my steamer to the float-tube, I suddenly saw a huge pike mouth appear. This one went up directly between my flippers to swallow my steamer raw 😂! It’s a very special feeling between a little terror and a huge happiness… But it’s mostly a great memory with a beautiful and metered pike at the end ! …

The final word?

To fish the lake, you have to observe again and again… Soon, the good spots will reveal themselves and the fishing can begin. But the lake is not for me only synonymous of fishing but also of rest, calm and serenity…