Words of the actorsCédrick Plasseau

Words of the actors – Cédrick Plasseau

Fishing Instructor-Guide

Cédrick Plasseau – @Fishing-Aventure, fishing guide-instructor at Vassivière answers our questions…

Cedric’s advice for a good fishing session in Vassivière?

The Lake of Vassivière by its surface of 1000 hectares, offers a multitude of fishing possibilities, whether you are a beginner or an initiated fisherman, you will be able to practice your hobby from the shore or by boat. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you can practice your hobby from the shore or from a boat. Whether you are fishing for small fry or stalking large carnivores, you can fish according to the opening and closing dates of each species (see fede 87 2021 regulations). A good day is above all a moment of relaxation and pleasure at the water’s edge, all you need is some equipment, a valid fishing license (macartedepêche.fr) and the trick is done.

The 2 good reasons to choose you as a guide in Vassivière?

I specialize in lure fishing for predators and I offer fishing trips on the lake in a boat with all the comforts for all audiences from 7 to 70 years old. I fish daily on the lake in season and I know every corner of it. Passionate about fishing for predators, I try to follow their activity to guide my trainees during their fishing day on board. On board the boat I have the disinfection kit (Covid measure !), but not only… come with your hands in your pockets, just with your fishing license, the rest is on board : material, rod, reel, lures… In each fishing party the snack is a moment of pleasure and sharing: for the lunch break, I make a picnic 100% local products … the discovery of local gastronomy is also essential!

Your most beautiful memory (or anecdote) during a fishing guide in Vassivière?

Not obvious my time, there were so many … Let’s say, one of the most outstanding it took place, during a day training course Carnassier organized by the @fédération de pêche de la haute vienne with the young people. We have them in fishing training course regularly, but for the little Theo it’s a first : a first in all – first carnivorous training course – first time on a boat. Very concentrated from the first casts, luck smiled on him : on his lure, a huge pike which offered him ten good minutes of fights and strong sensations. He ends up bringing the fish along the boat. He looked at it fixedly, the pike jumped and unhooked … he won the fight in front of us still amazed and admiring. A very nice moment ! Since then Theo is addicted to fishing and dreams of seeing his huge fish again.

So, convinced by Cédrick – @Fishing-Aventure for a guided session in Vassivière?