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a ride to Vassivière

Lac de Vassivière ©Elodie GomezLac de Vassivière ©Elodie Gomez
©Lac de Vassivière ©Elodie Gomez|Elodie Gomez
Vassivière on horseback

Forward to the hiking trails around the lake!

Elodie Gomez, OT Lac de VassivièreElodie Gomez, OT Lac de Vassivière
©Elodie Gomez, OT Lac de Vassivière

... she likes to discover...

A sporty ride, open to all whatever your level. Catherine adapts her mounts and routes to riders, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.

2h ride to discover the Presqu’ile de Chassagnas and its unique 180° viewpoint on the lake.

The appointment is given at the equestrian center where Catherine is waiting for us with her horses. You will also meet her dog and cats who do not hesitate to come and say hello. For nature and animal lovers, you’re in the right place!

After assigning us the horses, Catherine plunges us right away into the big bath with the grooming. If like me you come across a rascal, he will have rolled around in the mud just before you arrive. Strangle, brush, hoof pick… Taking care of your horse will have no more secrets for you! Then, we seal.

A small tour in the quarry is necessary, history to familiarize with his mount and get to know. This also allows to remind some rules before leaving.

And it’s off for the ride!

We leave the equestrian center to go deeper into the peninsula trail. From the beginning of the trail the view of the Lake starts to emerge. It promises to be dazzling!

Small passage in the forest. Catherine to already gauge the level of the riders, she adapts the pace of the ride for the pleasure of all. For beginners, after some advice, you can start trotting on some portions of the path. Beware of tree branches!

We ride along the edge of the Lake and see the nearby Ile de Vassivière. Our guide animates the walk with comments on the lake…it has no more secrets for her ! Attentive, Catherine accompanies you in a beautiful discovery.

We then venture on a path that goes up, up…and there…Wow the view! It’s time to take pictures…but it’s also the snack break for our companions of the day.

Attentive, Catherine accompanies you in a beautiful discovery.

We leave again for the last part of the course. We still take advantage of the clear view on the lake before we go into the forest. The pretty autumnal colors accompany us.

Returning to the Equestrian Center, this magnificent ride is over…or almost!.
Taking care of your mount is essential! We will make the horses drink. Then, we take the time to unseal them, to brush them and to make them a last caress.
We accompany Catherine to release them in their meadow.

Elodie Gomez, OT Lac de VassivièreElodie Gomez, OT Lac de Vassivière
©Elodie Gomez, OT Lac de Vassivière

This was my first outdoor ride and I just want to…. to do it again very quickly!”


Catherine offers three packages of rides ranging from two hours to half a day. For experienced riders, she organizes night rides.

Find all the necessary information on her website, Facebook page.
Do not hesitate to contact her by phone for her sound advice and information.

Vassivière à cheval – Centre équestre

Catherine CARRIER

Les Sagnes – 23460 Royère-de-Vassivière

Tel : 06 83 55 55 59

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