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The Tourist Office provides you with different tools to allow you to stay informed and position yourself as a relay of this information.
In addition, by using certain elements to feed your content, you remain consistent with the image of the destination and all together, we optimize our global visibility.




The Tourist Office Le lac de Vassivière accompanies you in the development of your tourist activity. Our team is at your disposal.
Frédérique OUDOT, Director Tourist Office Le Lac de Vassivière – 07 56 27 40 33
Find out in the organizational chart the who does what? and don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Syndicat mixte Le Lac de Vassivièr, based on the island of Vassivière is in charge of all the management and development of the facilities of the lake of Vassivière.
Pascal Desjacques, Director Syndicat le Lac de Vassivière – 05 55 69 20 45

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Restructors on the Creuse side? Follow the information on the Creuse Tourism Pro Blog

Resource persons for socio-professionals: Consult the organization chart


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Providers on the Haute Vienne side? Follow the information on the SPL Terres de Limousin’s Pro Blog

Resource persons for socio-professionals: Consult the organization chart


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Follow the information on the Comité Régional du Tourisme Nouvelle Aquitaine’s Pro Blog

Resource persons for socio-professionals:Check out the organizational chart

Responsible for cross-functional projects and “partner territories” referent – Maxime Thibaudeau


As a major sector of the regional economy, tourism is a priority industry for New Aquitaine, leading the way among the most attractive French Regions. The Region aims to become a leader in sustainable tourism, with the desire to reconcile economic development, quality of life of the inhabitants and preservation of fragile areas.
Project holders … the Limousin Region is by your side and offers various aid schemes to develop or improve your business.

The Syndicat mixte d’aménagement et de gestion du Parc naturel régional de Millevaches en Limousin helps the emergence of projects on its territory, by helping to set up projects, animate networks of actors, or seek funding. Thanks to its team, the Park also provides the territory and its partners with engineering and expertise on a daily basis.

  • Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie Haute-Vienne
    16 pl Jourdan, 87000 Limoges – 05 55 45 15 15 – Portal for Tourism Professionals
  • Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie Creuse
    MAIS De L’economie 8 av Auvergne, 23000 Guéret – 05 55 52 84 22 – Website
  • Chambre d’agriculture Creuse
    CS 60089 8 av Auvergne, 23000 Guéret – 05 55 61 50 00 – Website
  • Chambre d’agriculture Haute-Vienne
    2 av Georges Guingouin, 87350 Panazol – 05 87 50 40 00 – Website

Other useful resources

Support funds for the emergence of projects in sustainable tourism

  • Agency for Ecological Transition (formerly ADEME) website
  • Directorate General of Enterprises: website