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Here, everything is designed to welcome you in the best conditions: a sublime setting to navigate between creeks, islands and capes, launches, 6 public marinas and 3 private marinas, that is to say, more than500 moorings for your boat all around the lake.

Vassivière is first and foremost a dam lake intended for hydroelectric production.A relatively high tourist coastline is maintained during the summer season, but outside of this period, EDF resumes its production and low-water support activity (water reserve to fight against drought downstream).



EDF Hydro is carrying out reinforcement work on the access bridge to Vassivière Island

From September, EDF Hydro is carrying out reinforcement work on the access bridge to Vassivière Island.
The level of the lake will be lowered progressively during the month of September, to allow access to the lower parts of the bridge piers, to reach elevation 644 ( 6 meters below the normal lake elevation) on October 1. This low level will be maintained until December 15.
> Be vigilant: EDF urges water users to remain vigilant. Areas that are usually drowned may appear dry, but the risk of getting stuck is real!
> Access to the banks difficult! The untied banks may make it difficult or impossible to launch boats and swim.
> Traffic pdisrupted: during the entire duration of the work, vehicular traffic will be severely disrupted on the bridge with the possibility of total cuts from 9am to 5pm on certain workdays.

The Auphelle and Boussas boat launches are accessible up to elevation 644 m – Inform yourself in real time about the lake level on the NIV’EAU
Access to the island is however possible and pedestrian traffic on the footbridge is maintained during this period.

Work schedule:

September 1, 22: Acceleration of the gradual lowering of the lake level to allow access to the lower parts of the bridge piers
September 15, 22: Beginning of work, installation of the life base
October 1, 22: Reaching elevation 644
December 15, 22: end of consolidation work* on lower parts, gradual rise in lake level

*Work is nevertheless likely to continue beyond this date

Choose your launch:

Nergout, Vauveix, Pierrefitte but also Auphelle and Broussas,longer and accessible almost all year round up to cote 642 m for fishermen. (that is to say, minus 8 m from the maximum level of the lake)
Navigation becomes prohibited at cote 642 m.
It’s on, your boat is in the water… Vassivière is yours!.

A gas station is also open 24 hours a day on land and water at the Port of Auphelle.



on the lake

Launching and sailing are free on Lake Vassivière whether you are sailing a boat with thermal or electric motor, or a sailboat.
Speed is limited to 20 km/h outside of the motorboat areas. For access to these two dedicated areas, report to the clubs that manage them.
Only jet skis are not allowed.



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